happy hero

Happy Hero concept (English)
The Happy Hero © is meant for remembering and writing down or drawing all kinds of daily moments of happiness by persons young and old, large and small, thick and thin from ages 5-6 years to 100 years. It is an original product concept to allow children in particular to learn about mindfulness.  The Happy Hero © is a DIY good-luck doll that lets you realize that happiness is really quite ordinary. This product trains you to focus on the positive things that happen to you every day. Every DIY lucky doll is unique and the doll is handmade preferably from sustainable, environmentally friendly, recycled materials or eco textiles. There are different versions of the Happy Hero © as well in size as in materials used. Prices vary accordingly. Only available in the Netherlands.

CAUTION/Warning! This product is not a cuddly toy and is not intended for young children who still put things in their mouth because of the loose parts like the button!